barbmg (barbmg) wrote,

pain in the butt


I've always been fond of spiders. I'll catch and release whenever I find one in the house, and respect their webs no matter where they are. I've pulled over and found a bush to place one in when it was in my car, and gotten them out of high traffic areas if I thought they'd be trampled. Well, I do these things with all kinds of buggy creatures (except ants. I squash ants. I admit it.)

But I have a particular soft spot for spiders.

One of them took that literally while I was sleeping the night before last, because I woke up with a bite. On my butt. I went to the doctor this morning who gave me antibiotics and told me to apply a hot compress so the infection will come to the surface. It was too deep to lance, about which I feel slightly relieved, since I don't like the sound of that. Also? I got painkillers. Helloooo Vicadin.

We don't know for sure it was a spider, but I haven't really seen anyone else bitey around the house.

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